Route 2

… runs north/northeast from the Brandenburg Gate to Pankow and along the way crosses the former course of the Berlin Wall several times. Accordingly, in terms of content, the essential focus is on the division of Germany and on the development of football in the years of the Weimar Republic. This part of the football route is the shortest of the three routes, but it includes some of Berlin’s most important sports venues, among them the Poststadion, the site of the former Stadium at the Gesundbrunnen, affectionately called “Plumpe,” as well as the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark. This route ends at the sports field of the football club VfB Einheit zu Pankow 1893 in Schönholz.

The secondary route 2 branches off at the “Plumpe” and ends at the sports field of the association football club 1. FC Lübars, and there this segment of the football route rejoins the former course of the Berlin Wall.

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