The Olympic Park is a unique ensemble of various sports facilities and imposing structures. Formerly the home of the University for Physical Exercise, the park now houses the offices of Hertha BSC and the Sportmuseum Berlin.

The mission of the German university for physical exercise (Deutsche Hochschule für Leibesübungen) was to train physical education teachers.

Originally housed in the German Stadium, the German university for physical exercise was transferred to the German Sportforum in 1925. As an institute of the Friedrich Wilhelm University, the university for physical exercise had been established in 1920 to provide systematic training of physical education teachers and of trainers for various sports. Therefore, the curriculum included subjects such as exercise theory, hygiene, pedagogy, and administration. One of the university’s most famous graduates was Sepp Herberger, who earned his teaching diploma there. His diploma thesis was entitled “The Path to Peak Performance in Football.” After 1933 the German Sportforum became the home of the National Socialist Association for Physical Exercises and its various departments, among them also the department of football.

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In recent years several books about football under National Socialism and about the role of the DFB in the Third Reich have been published. Here you will find a list of recommended books on these topics.

Literaturempfehlungen zum Thema Fußball im Nationalsozialismus
The German Sportforum finds many different uses.

Since the end of the Second World War the grounds of the German Sportforum have been used for a variety of purposes. Among other uses, the area around the Olympic stadium also is the site of the school sports competition “Youth Training for Olympics,” which was established in 1969 and has since developed into the largest competition of its kind in the world. The young athletes compete in the essential Olympic sports, including football. In addition to selecting and promoting talented young athletes, the training focuses on teaching team spirit, fairness, and motivation. The first official national finals of “Youth Training for the Paralympics” took place in Berlin in 2012 and in the Sports Centre Kienbaum near Berlin.

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