3:1Wiese vor dem Reichstag

Platz der Republik

In the years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the lawn in front of the Reichstag building was a popular destination for leisure footballers. Of course, the German Bundestag, now housed in the Reichstag building, is concerned with sports as a factor in society and politics.

Sports: An important topic in society and politics

After the Berlin Wall was built in 1961, the grassy area in front of the Reichstag building became a popular destination for recreation and sports. With its generous size and layout it offered ideal conditions, particularly for leisure footballers. After the German Bundestag moved into the modernized building in 1999, the “Platz der Republik“ (Republic Square) in front of it came to be considered an important public green space with special symbolic significance for the country’s image. As a result, ever since 2003, playing football is no longer allowed there. In 2006, when the FIFA World Cup games in Germany were “a time to make friends,” a sporting goods manufacturer built a replica of the Berlin Olympic stadium in front of the Reichstag building; the reproduction housed large screens on which fans could watch all 64 World Cup matches.

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  • International match, “Day of Blind Football”, of the national blind football team

On May 20, 2010, the “Day of Blind Football,” the national blind football team played an international match directly in front of the Reichstag. In blind football the teams play with a ball equipped with rattles on the inside and thus audible. The players make their presence known to each other by calling out “Voy!” — in addition, helpers issue instructions from the sidelines.