1:9Union 92-Sportplatz

Rathausstraße 10a

At the beginning the 20th century Mariendorf was a football stronghold. The Rathausstraße sports field of Union 92, a predecessor club of the eventual German Bundesliga club Blau-Weiß 90, still bears witness to that history.

The sports facilities in Mariendorf formed an early football stronghold.

In 1905 the Berliner Thor- and Fußball-Club Union 1892 (BTuFC) was the first team in Berlin to get to the final in the German Football Championship, and after its 2:0 win against the Karlsruher FV, the BTuFC could enter its name as second German champion on the DFB’s honour roll. In the following year, the Union club began building its own sports field on the banks of the just completed Teltow canal. Together, the sports fields of the BFC Viktoria 1889, the Berliner Ballspiel-Club, and the BFC Preussen — that is, the sports facilities of Berlin’s four first-division teams — present something of an early football stronghold in Mariendorf. The high point for Mariendorf came on Good Friday in 1911 when the German national team with a 2:2 tie in the match against the English amateur all-star team scores the greatest international success to date in front of 10,000 spectators. Matches of city teams drew similarly large crowds.

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