Eisenacher Straße 21

This square was formerly the home of the two-time German champion BFC Viktoria 1889 in the Eisenacher Straße in Mariendorf. Here, on April 20, 1908, the German national team played its first international game on home ground.

The Viktoria-Platz is the venue for the first international game on home ground.

In the years before the First World War, the BTuFC Viktoria 1889 advanced quickly and became Berlin’s most successful football club. In the 1890s the club won the national championship of the Deutsche Fußball- und Cricket-Bund (German football and cricket association) five times in a row. Since the team’s opponent from Hanau was the only participant from out of town and because of financial reasons could not make the journey to Berlin, the Berlin team was declared the winner. After the turn of the century, the team won two titles in the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund), which had been established in the meantime. In addition, the team also twice more made it to the finals, thus showing the pre-eminence of the “Mariendorfer Löwen,” a team that also sent two players to join the national team. The club had built its imposing sports field facility in Mariendorf with its own funds in 1905. For more than two decades it was a popular venue for championship and international games.

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