Oderberger Straße 37

Though the exact place where Hertha BSC was founded is not known, the first club house was in Oderberger Straße 37. Not only did the club store its equipment there, but the club house was also an important meeting place for the club community and its activities.

The young men looked for a tavern or pub to serve as their club house.

On July 25, 1892, the brothers Fritz and Max Lindner joined with Otto and Willi Lorenz in establishing the club BFC Hertha 1892. As was typical among football players in those days, the young men looked for a tavern or pub that could serve as their club house, and they found what they had been looking for in the Oderberger Strasse 27. Hertha’s first known club house not only served as a meeting place for the players before and after games but was also a place where they could store their footballs and other equipment. From the club house a short walk of a few meters took the men to one of the most important football fields of the time: the parade grounds in the Schönhauser Allee. In the club’s early years the team played only a minor role on Berlin’s football scene. It was only after the club’s move to the field called Schebera-Platz in the Gesundbrunnen neighbourhood, a modern sports field by the standards of the time, that BFC Hertha 1892 had is breakthrough.

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