The Katzbachstadion is located in the Kreuzberg district and shows how important community sports facilities are for football. The stadium serves as home base for the FC Türkiyemspor, the most prominent club in Berlin founded by immigrants.

For municipal administrations, building and maintaining sports facilities increasingly becomes a community concern under their purview.

Since the beginning of the 20th century municipalities have increasingly come to realize that building and maintaining sports facilities, which are available to the public and sports clubs, is a community task that falls under their purview. First opened in 1914, the Katzbachstadion was enlarged in 1924 to increase its seating capacity to 12,000 people seats. The expansion was based on designs by Georg Demmler, the builder of the Poststadion. The public valued seeing games in the lower divisions, at least until the founding of the Bundesliga and the accompanying increased football coverage on television. Several clubs in the Kreuzberg district, among them the SC Berliner Amateure and the BFC Südring, have used the stadium. The match between BFC Südring and Hertha BSC on April 19, 1954, drew an estimated number of 10,000 spectators and thus set a new attendance record. That record cannot be broken because the stadium’s seating capacity was reduced in 1981. Since the late 1980s the stadium has off and on been Türkiyemspor’s home ground.

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