Schluchseestraße 68

The women’s football team of the 1. FC Lübars has made a name for itself beyond Berlin. Moreover, many prominent football celebrities come from this northern part of Berlin or have been active there.

The club 1. FC Lübars has become famous far beyond Berlin thanks to its women’s team.

The women’s team of the 1. FC Lübars has been playing in the German second league and made the club famous far beyond Berlin. The club was founded in 1962, and in addition to women’s/girls’ and men’s and youth football teams it features a very successful riding division and offers another popular sport in its gymnastics division. Located in Berlin’s north, at the outermost edge of the city’s Western part and not far from the Märkische Viertel, the club’s teams have been playing since 1979 on the sports field on Schluchseestraße. Above all, the women’s football team, founded in 1969 by Marion Wusterhausen, has proved very successful. The women’s team never fell below Berlin’s top league, and in the 1992/93 season the team won the champion title in the Northeast’s fourth division. However, the team was defeated in the qualifiers for promotion into the Bundesliga.

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