Osloer Straße 62

The Hanne Sobek sports facilities are named after the Berlin sports idol and for a long time were the home of the BFC Meteor 06, the club in which Thomas Häßler began his career. The club stands in here for the many clubs making their home Berlin’s northern part, each with a rich tradition of its own.

Derbies on the district level attract large crowds during the games of the Berlin city league.

The Hanne-Sobek-Sportanlage was named in 1999 after the Berlin sports idol who achieved his greatest successes in the 1920s and 1930s with Hertha BSC. Originally opened under the name “Sportring Wedding” the facility since the 1950s has been the venue of numerous district-level derbies that draw large crowds even in the lower leagues. Long-standing clubs from Berlin’s northern area, among them the BFC Alemannia 90, Wacker 04, SV Norden-Nordwest, Reinickendorfer Füchse, and VfL Nord with the BFC Nordstern, two clubs that merge in 1973 into the SV Nord-Nordstern, as well as Rapide Wedding, which in 2001 merged with the SV Nord Wedding held matches on the facility’s fields in front of dwindling numbers of spectators, a development due to the growing presence of football on German TV. The facility long remained the home of the BFC Meteor 06, the club where Thomas Häßler, later a world champion and world star, learned to play football. Hertha BSC also played here from 1986 to 1988 when the team was relegated to the amateur fourth division and the Olympic stadium proved too large for the small number of spectators. Since the Poststadion, which the team had used at other times, was in serious need of rehabilitation, the Hanne-Sobek-Sportanlage occasionally hosted the club.

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