Bergmannstraße 107

The Berlin football association (Berliner Fußball-Verband, BFV) was founded as “Verband Deutscher Ballspielvereine (VDB, association of German ball sports clubs) in 1897 in a pub in Bergmannstraße 107 called “Düstrer Keller.” It is thus the oldest German football association.

With the founding of the Berlin football association, the sport’s continuity and acceptance were assured.

On September 11, 1897, representatives of six Berlin football clubs gathered in the local pub of the BFC Preussen von1894 (Berlin football club Preussen) — a pub in Bergmannstraße called “Dustrer Keller” — and there they founded the Verband Deutscher Ballspielvereine (VDB, association of German ball sports clubs). The association later renamed itself the association of Berlin ball sports clubs; it is still in existence today under the name Berliner Fußball-Verband (BFV, Berlin football association). From the outset, the meetings were relaxed gatherings in a friendly atmosphere; in general, the young football players cherished camaraderie, respect, and friendliness in dealing with each other. After rivalries between several clubs in the early years, in the 1890s the sport’s development was initially guided by the Deutsche Fußball- und Cricket-Bund (German football and cricket association); the VDB’s firm leadership subsequently greatly advanced the self-organization of football. More and more, the brash enthusiasm for the game was guided into organized structures, which in turn ensured growing acceptance and continuity for the sport of football.

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Auf dem nahe gelegenen Tempelhofer Feld wird seit den frühen 1880er Jahren Fußball gespielt. Die ersten stabilen Vereine entstehen um das Jahr 1890; der älteste deutsche Fußball-Verein, der BFC Germania 1888, wird nur wenige Meter weiter in der Kreuzbergstraße 75 gegründet.

Spielszene des BFC Germania 1888