0:0Brandenburger Tor

The Brandenburg Gate is the starting point for all three segments of the tour.

Sports: A formative influence on our society and culture

Major sports events get people moving and create opportunities for people to come together. Football, in particular, brings people together to share the experience of important games and championships even outside the stadium. Since the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, which has gone down in history as the year of the “summer’s tale,” hundreds of thousands have gathered again and again from all over Berlin, from all parts of the country, and from all over the world at the Brandenburg Gate for the Fan Fest (Fanmeile, fan-mile) to enjoy the public viewing. For decades, the love of football has united people across all borders and despite their differences. The players, of course, are active agents who must also do their best to fulfill their social roles and responsibilities in their historical epoch. Sports, and especially football, have always been part of historic events and have had a share in shaping social, cultural, and political developments.