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The eventful history of a group of metalworker youths began in a small bar in Oberschöneweide surrounded by the local factories. For decades the fans of the 1. FC Union also came from the factories located in that district of Berlin.

The footballers from Oberschöneweide gradually made a name for themselves.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, Oberschöneweide had become a booming town thanks to the plants of the Allgemeinen Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (general electricity company). That industrial company had not only brought employment to the town on the upper Spree but also sports. On June 17, 1906, in a pub run by the innkeepers Appelt, students and apprentices established the football club Olympia. However, only one month later, they disbanded again, and the young men then right away joined the BTuFC Helgoland 1897 (Berliner Thor- und Fußball-Club) as its Oberschöneweide section. In 1907, the young players switched to the BTuFC Union 1892, which had won the German Football Championship two years earlier, in 1905. This switch to established clubs had the advantage that the players could participate directly in matches on the association level and ensured that team membership would increase. The footballers from Oberschöneweide thus made a name for themselves, and on March 14, 1910, they established the SC Union (Sport-Club Union, sports club). The team’s first playing field was on the Spreestrasse, but only four years later, in 1914, it had to be given up to make room for factories and housing developments.

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