1:2Verlagshaus Mauerstraße

Mauerstraße 86

Sports and the media have been closely linked from the beginning. Mauerstraße 86, situated in the midst of Berlin’s equivalent to Fleet Street, was the home of the publishing house that published the first technical journal for ball games in Germany.

Football coverage and reporting takes up more and more space.

From the beginning of its development football had its own journalistic ways of reporting on events, publishing scores, and offering players a forum for communicating with each other. Gradually, newspapers and magazines appeared, until finally the regular national press lent an ear to sports and made room for it in its pages. As football developed into a mass phenomenon in the years of the Weimar Republic, football coverage in the press increases more and more. Eventually, for many fans live broadcasts on television replace the stadium experience, and the coverage of breaking news and current developments moves more and more from the print media to television broadcasts. In addition, football magazines and the sports pages of newspapers remain an important source of information. By the beginning of the 21st century, football had become an omnipresent media event that is marketed professionally and generates millions in revenue from broadcasting rights and advertising. Football players and trainers have become media celebrities.

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