1:3Askanisches Gymnasium

Hallesche Straße 26

Despite opposition, in its early years football was popular even with students and especially so among children of the bourgeoisie. Several prominent leading figures shaped the sport’s early development. Today, football is fully established as part of the school sports curriculum.

By now, football has become an established part of the school sports curriculum.

Founded in 1875, the Askanisches Gymnasium in Hallesche Straße can boast numerous prominent leading figures among its past graduates. As in other German schools, physical education usually takes place in indoor gyms. The monotonous exercises and the often military-like harsh tone of instruction did not inspire students, however. This changed only when Prussia’s minister of education and cultural affairs issued the Goßler Decree of Games in 1882, which firmly established outdoor physical exercises and made them mandatory. In addition, in 1891 the “Zentralausschuss zur Förderung der Volks- und Jugendspiele in Deutschland” (Central committee for the promotion of people’s and youth games in Germany) was created, which played an important role in the establishment of football in Germany. In their free time the students in any case pursue games that are not strictly regulated, such as football, rugby, or cricket — games their teachers and parents look at equally askance and forbid under penalty of dire consequences.

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