The club VfB Pankow counted several high-profile figures of German football’s early days among its members. As VfB Einheit at Pankow 1893, this is one of the few German clubs that reunited in 1991 decades after division.

Renowned players join the VfB Pankow.

When the Verein für Bewegungsspiele Pankow (VfB, Pankow club for active games) was founded in 1893, Pankow was still a suburb on the outskirts of the growing capital city. At first, the club members played tennis and cricket, but soon the Manning brothers, originally from England, made football increasingly popular. In 1920 Pankow, like many other villages and towns, was integrated into Greater Berlin. However, despite this administrative change, Pankow’s small-town character, its almost pastoral and idyllic charm, was slow to vanish. The club’s newly refurbished playing field in Schönholz was used for the first time during the celebration of its 40th anniversary. The VfB had built sizable wooden stands to offer spectators a good view and suitable entertainment. These stands were destroyed by a firebomb in the Second World War.

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