Wackerweg 26

BFC Alemannia 90 and Wacker 04 are two Berlin football clubs, each with a rich tradition. While Alemannia had its successes a long time ago, Wacker was founding member of the Bundesliga’s second division but became defunct in 1994.

Alemannia plays under its old name, but all that’s left of Wacker is the name of a place.

In 1974 SC Wacker 04 became a founding member of Germany’s second league and played in the second-highest German league for a total of four years. In the north section (Nordstaffel) of the league, which maintained a dual track until 1981, the Wacker team usually landed in mid-table obscurity, but occasionally the team surprised fans; for example, the team twice achieved a win against Borussia Dortmund. After its second relegation in 1979, Wacker 04 was active in the lower division only. Since the club had incurred considerable debt due to its huge expenses, it was in dire financial straits, and in 1994 the club ultimately was disbanded. The members then joined the club that had been their neighbourhood rival for many years: the BFC Alemannia 90. As a concession to Wacker, the Alemannia football players then took on opposing teams initially under the name SG Wacker/Alemannia, and starting in 1998, they used the new name BFC Alemannia 90-Wacker. Since 2013, this traditional club in Berlin’s north has been playing again under its old name. Of the Wacker 04 club only the name of the sports field remains.

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