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What is now the Sportpark Neukölln is the home of Tasmania, which played in the Bundesliga for one term during the1965/66 season. The district has a great variety of football clubs, each steeped in tradition.

Tasmania had to put together a Bundesliga squad in just a few days.

In the 1965/66 football season, Tasmania 1900 played for one year in the Bundesliga. After Hertha BSC did not receive a license for the top German league and was relegated to the regional league as penalty for having previously lured several players to the city on the banks of the Spree by paying illicit signing bonuses, the DFB heaved Tasmania’s team as replacements into the upper house of football. The club then had to phone some of its players and summon them back from vacation and within a few days put together a squad fit for the first division. The team played its home games in the Olympic stadium, which was filled only at the beginning of the season and could not keep up. In that entire season Tasmania won only two matches and finally dejectedly ranks last with 15:108 goals and 8:60 points. Even years later the financial consequences of the unplanned Bundesliga adventure make themselves felt. Tasmania 1900 filed for bankruptcy in 1973. Under the name SV Tasmania Neukölln 73 a new club was formed. Its home base is in the Sportpark Neukölln, built in 1930 and steeped in tradition; in 2010 the Sportpark was renamed after Werner Seelenbinder.

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