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On May 4, 1905, on the sports field of the BFC Germania 1888 at the southern edge of the Tempelhofer Feld, Crown Prince Wilhelm was the first member of the imperial family to attend a football match.

Thanks to the visit of Crown Prince Wilhelm, football gains wide social acceptance.

On April 29, 1905, Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia attended the match between BFC Germania 1888 and Civil Service London on Germania-Sportplatz at the southern edge of the Tempelhofer Feld. The heir to the throne had long since been interested in the sport and was enthusiastic about the match. This first visit of a member of the imperial family to a football match drew great publicity and led to broad-based social acceptance of the team sport. Wilhelm of Prussia endowed prize cups in several sports in the hopes of gaining recognition for his monarchy as modern. Matches for the Crown Prince Cup in football began in 1908; all-star teams from various countries played against each other. Next to the championship, this was for a long time the most important competition in German football. The Prince’s involvement led to an enormous upswing for football in Germany because subsequently the military also became interested in football and included the game in the basic training of recruits. Subsequently, the sport continued to spread widely.

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