Kreuzbergstraße 75

The BFC Germania 1888, established by its founders in the apartment of their parents in Kreuzbergstraße 75, is not only the oldest German football club but also played a prominent role in German football’s early years.

With the founding of stable clubs regular matches became possible.

Around 1870 the first football teams were established in various towns in Germany, and initially the sport grew only slowly and sporadically. It was not until about 1890, after a wave of new clubs had been launched above all in Berlin, that the growing number of stable clubs made the organization of regular matches possible.
The oldest German football club is the “BFC Germania 1888”; it was established by the 17-year-old student Paul Jastram and his brothers and fellow students in his parents’ flat in the Kreuzbergstraße on April 15. In the 1890s, the club played an outstanding role not only in football, but also in cricket and track and field athletics.
In the club’s early years, its members, especially Georg Leux, Georg Demmler, and Fritz Boxhammer, made significant and lasting contributions to the development of football in Germany.

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