leads you to 40 authentic sites in and around the city; it’s a pathway into the unique football history of Germany’s capital city and provides information about the larger historical context linking sports, culture, and city. The Football Route illustrates the important role of football in Germany, a sport that has undergone great changes since its beginnings in the 19th century. The route also marks the accomplishments of athletes and clubs as well as significant football events in the city.

The first section was opened in May 2013; it runs west from the Brandenburg Gate to the Olympic Park (Route 3). Routes 1 and 2 as well as two secondary routes will be added gradually. The billboards in and around the city will be installed at a later date because the approval procedures in the various districts are still underway.

On this website you will find information regarding the individual sites (namely, the main texts for each stop on the tour) as well as route maps so that you can follow the route. In addition, you will find here several “specials,” such as audio files and additional pictures that will not be on the billboards.